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Short Shaft 150mm Pruner Multi-Tool Attachment | 36V Commercial | Bushranger

GST included

Transform Your Landscaping Game with Bushranger's PUMC-PX2 Short Shaft Pruner Multi-Tool Attachment

In the quest for pristine landscaping, Bushranger introduces the PUMC-PX2 Short Shaft Pruner Multi-Tool Attachment. Engineered to revolutionize yard work, this attachment delivers unparalleled efficiency and precision.

Key Features of the PUMC-PX2:

  • 10" Guide bar for precise cuts, ensuring your landscaping vision becomes a reality.
  • 3/8" Low profile chain for seamless operation, guaranteeing smooth pruning with minimal effort.
  • Adjustable oil pump for easy maintenance, keeping your equipment in top-notch condition.
  • Solid Steel 150mm Shaft: Crafted from solid steel and polished to perfection, the drive shaft ensures optimal performance. Plus, durable bronze bushings reduce vibrations and power loss.
  • Made in Japan: Reflecting superior craftsmanship, this attachment bears the hallmark of Japanese quality.

Commercial Short Shaft Pruner Multi-Tool Attachment - PUMC-PX2 by Bushranger Specifications:

  • 150mm Shaft
  • 10" Guide bar

With the PUMC-PX2, bid farewell to cumbersome yard maintenance. Embrace efficiency and precision like never before with Bushranger's innovative solution.