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Garden Edger Commercial 36V Multi-Tool Attachment | Bushranger

GST included

Bushranger® PUMC-E2 Garden Edger Multi-Tool Attachment

Discover the ultimate solution for all your garden and landscape needs with Bushranger's innovative multi-tools. Compact and versatile, these tools revolutionize your shed space, ensuring you have everything you need without clutter.

Introducing the PUMC-E2 edging attachment, a game-changer for edging grass along driveways, paths, and garden borders. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, this attachment boasts a heavy-duty 8" blade for impeccable results.

Features that Set the PUMC-E2 Apart:

Upgrade your landscaping arsenal with Bushranger's PUMC-E2 edger attachment and redefine perfection in every trim.