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Turf Master 25kg Pellets | QLD Organics

GST included

Turf Master 25kg Pellets is the pathway to velvety lawn that commands attention and admiration. Elevate your outdoor space with Turf Master, an embodiment of 100% organic poultry manure fines elevated by the enriching virtues of pure blood and bone – the favored choice among professionals for a lawn of unparalleled splendor.

Elevate Your Landscape with Turf Master

Key Highlights:

  • Augmented with pure blood and bone, unlocking an abundance of nitrogen, phosphorus, and calcium for optimal growth and dust control.
  • Methodically dried post-production to sustain and fortify beneficial micro-organisms, ensuring seamless breakdown post-watering.
  • Presented in a uniform sub-2mm size, designed for seamless utilization in fertiliser spreaders.
  • Boasts certification from the esteemed Biological Farmers of Australia, cementing its status as a beacon of organic excellence.

Versatile Application, Remarkable Results

Embrace the versatility of Turf Master, a gem coveted not only by residential landscapers but also by prestigious golf courses, public lawns, and pristine greens. Seize control of your landscape destiny with precise application guidelines:


Disperse 100-200 grams per square meter (1-2 tonnes per hectare), ushering in a new era of growth and vitality.

Secure Storage for Lasting Brilliance

As you embark on this journey towards a resplendent lawn, remember the importance of proper storage. Shield Turf Master from moisture's grasp by storing it undercover, safe from the elements. Take care to ensure it remains out of reach of pets, preventing any unintended consumption.

Benefits that Endure, Naturally

Delight in the prolonged nourishment bestowed upon your plants, courtesy of Turf Master's gradual nutrient release extending over numerous months. Watch in awe as earthworm activity surges, water retention and aeration levels climb, and an army of micro-organisms and beneficial bacteria breathe life into your soil. With Turf Master, your landscape flourishes in a harmonious, pH-neutral environment, devoid of unsightly burn or damage.

Turf Master 25kg Pellets by QLD Organics Specifications

  • 25kg
  • Pellet format
  • Easy to apply - uniform under 2mm size
  • Pathogen free
  • Low dust and low in moisture
  • Nutrient release over months, sustaining plant growth
  • Increased earthworm activity, boosting soil vitality
  • Enhanced water retention and aeration for vibrant roots
  • Amplified micro-organism and beneficial bacteria presence
  • Shielded plants from burns or damage
  • pH neutral