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Palmetto - Buffalo | Soft Leaf Turf /m2

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Drought Resistance:

Very High


Wear Performance:

Very High


Shade Performance:




Very Low




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Palmetto is the most popular type of Buffalo grass due to its low upkeep requirements, durability, and excellent shade tolerance. When it comes to a dense lawn with good wear tolerance, Palmetto is the best option for Brisbane households with dogs and children.

Palmetto grass is a low-maintenance broad-leaf species that looks great in any yard and needs significantly less water and mowing than other types of turf. One of Palmetto's most distinguishing features is the persistence of its original dark emerald hue throughout the winter. Palmetto Buffalo is drought-resistant and has a deep root system, making it an efficient water collector.

Because it produces less thatch, a palmetto lawn is also simpler to maintain. Palmetto Buffalo requires fewer mowings than Sir Walter Buffalo or Shademaster Buffalo. Palmetto turf can go longer between mowing without becoming overgrown, unsightly, or invasive.

Why Opt for a Palmetto Buffalo Grass Turf?

Numerous homeowners pick Palmetto Buffalo over other varieties for their lawns because of its many benefits such as:

  • Excellent for use in partially shaded regions - in 45-65% shade cover based on high or low wear locations respectively.
  • Able to endure severe weather - one that can survive in a wide range of climates, has a modest thatch and can maintain its winter coat colour even when exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Convincingly long-lasting and simple to care for - featuring runners that spread out rather than up from a dense lawn that is resistant to wear and can quickly recover from foot traffic.
  • Excellent dark green hue - Winter is no exception, well-liked by those who value dark-leafed lawn grasses due to their distinctive appearance.

Palmetto - Buffalo Specifications

  • Mowing:
    • Full sun: 25 - 50mm
    • Shade: 50 - 60mm
    • Less frequent than other Buffalo varieties, Couch and Kikuyu
  • Hard wearing
  • Soft leaf blade, dark green in colour
  • Soft touch
  • Textured profile
  • Great for shady areas
  • Low maintenance
  • Drought resistant

Please Note:

  • A minimum lay fee of $395 (inc GST) will apply for orders 25m2 – 158m2
  • Up to $0.80 (inc GST) per m2 extra may apply to lay jobs with stairs/ hills/ wheelbarrow etc
  • Turf layers will advise the office once on site and assess if extra fees apply
  • Prices are subject to change without notice
  • Delivery can be impacted by rainy weather as turf cannot be lifted when wet
  • For every 10m² of turf, order 1m³ of top soil. We do not provide underturf however, please give our friendly team a call and we will recommend someone to you.