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Nullarbor Couch | A Grade Turf /m2

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Drought Resistance:



Wear Performance:



Shade Performance:

Very Low







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Nullarbor Couch is a sun-loving grass that requires a specific quantity of sunshine to thrive. A location with at least six hours of daily sunlight is ideal for growing Nullarbor Couch grass. This will make it more likely that the grass will get the sun and warmth it needs to flourish.

Indigenous to Australia, where it has adapted to the hot, dry conditions. It has great tolerance for foot and animal traffic is one of its strongest attributes, making it a popular choice for use in residential and sports landscaping projects like football and cricket grounds.

Why Opt for a Nullarbor Couch Grass Turf?

Numerous homeowners pick Nullarbor Couch over other varieties for their lawns because of its many benefits such as:

  • Mild Hibernation - putting its energy into its roots, it gets its growth going quickly when the winter is through and bounces back quickly from any damage or stress.
  • Wear Tolerance - a tough grass that can withstand high foot traffic and swiftly recover from any harm. When the lawn will be utilised as a pathway or a play area for kids and dogs, it's best to pick a hardy grass kind.
  • Soft Touch - the finer leaf blades of this turf make it a pleasant surface to walk on and give it a rich, cushioned feel. Couch lawn is great for hot, dry climates because its finer leaf means less water is lost to evaporation.

Nullarbor Couch Specifications

  • Mowing:
    • Summer: 18 - 30mm
    • Winter: 25 - 40mm
    • More frequent than other varieties such as Buffalo and Zoysia.
  • Hard wearing
  • Soft leaf blade
  • Soft touch
  • Great for full sun areas
  • Poor shade performance
  • Drought resistant

Please Note:

  • A minimum lay fee of $395 (inc GST) will apply for orders 25m2 – 158m2
  • Up to $0.80 (inc GST) per m2 extra may apply to lay jobs with stairs/ hills/ wheelbarrow etc
  • Turf layers will advise the office once on site and assess if extra fees apply
  • Prices are subject to change without notice
  • Delivery can be impacted by rainy weather as turf cannot be lifted when wet
  • For every 10m² of turf, order 1m³ of top soil. We do not provide underturf however, please give our friendly team a call and we will recommend someone to you.