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OptiLawn Top Dress Soil Improver - 30L | Rocky Point

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Unlock the Secret to a Lush, Vibrant Lawn with OpiLawn Top Dress

Discover the transformative power of Rocky Point’s OptiLawn Top Dress Soil Improver, your ultimate solution for a greener, healthier lawn. Our expertly formulated top dress is designed to enhance soil structure, promote vigorous growth, and ensure long-term lawn vitality. With OptiLawn, you’re not just dressing your lawn; you’re enriching it with a blend of premium ingredients tailored for success.

Why Choose Rocky Point’s OptiLawn?

  • Soil Structure Enhancement: OptiLawn improves the physical composition of your soil, making it more conducive to lawn health.
  • Slow-Release Fertiliser: Embedded within is a slow-release fertiliser that continuously feeds your lawn, ensuring a lush green appearance.
  • Levelling Perfection: Our top dress is ideal for correcting uneven lawn surfaces, providing a smooth, aesthetically pleasing finish.
  • Versatility for All Grass Types: Whether you have Buffalo or Bermuda, OptiLawn is suitable for all grass varieties.
  • Quality Assurance: Prepared and tested under strict conditions, OptiLawn meets Australian Standards 4419, ensuring you’re using a product trusted by professionals.

How to Use OptiLawn Top Dress

  1. For Established Lawns: Mow your lawn low and spread OptiLawn evenly, ensuring the grass tips are still visible. Water in well and maintain regular watering for the first few weeks.
  2. For New Lawns: After your new lawn has settled, use OptiLawn to fill in gaps and holes. It’s recommended to fertilise a few weeks prior to top dressing for optimal results.

Ingredients for Success

  • Mineral-Rich Content: Levels undulations and enriches the soil.
  • Slow-Release Fertiliser: Provides continuous nourishment, keeping your lawn green and healthy.
  • Organic Matter: Adds essential nutrients and improves soil health over time.
  • Balanced Trace Elements: Acts like multivitamins for your lawn, encouraging balanced growth and vitality.

Experience the difference with Rocky Point’s OptiLawn Top Dress Soil Improver - the professional’s choice for a lawn that stands out.

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