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Lawn Blend - Turf Conditioner & Fertiliser | Earthlife

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Grow a lush, vibrant lawn with Earthlife Lawn Blend, a comprehensive lawn conditioner and fertiliser enriched with a symphony of 60 vital minerals, including nitrogen, natural rock phosphate, potassium, sulphate, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, boron, and plant-accessible silica. To nurture your lawn holistically, it also features over 30 beneficial species of soil micro-flora.

Lawn Blend is an All Purpose Turf Fertiliser

Achieving a low-maintenance, healthy, and resilient green lawn requires balance in all aspects. Left unattended, imbalances can cast a shadow over your lawn's health, manifesting as yellowing or mottled leaves, lacklustre growth, or the unwelcome presence of lawn grubs.

Earthlife Lawn Blend steps in to transform not only your lawn but also the soil beneath it. Through its soil-conditioning prowess, it enhances soil structure and fosters a thriving environment for earthworm activity, naturally promoting healthier lawn growth.

More Than Just a Fertiliser

Lawn Blend's capabilities extend beyond traditional fertilisers. It reduces sodium levels in the soil profile, regulates and maintains pH levels, and enriches soil quality, enhancing its friability. This blend strengthens root structures, improves soil moisture retention, and facilitates the exchange of moisture and nutrients between the soil and the lawn's root system. By enhancing the root system, your lawn gains increased nutrient access and greater resilience against adverse conditions.

That Thicker, Softer Feel

Lawn Blend is a fusion of minerals, microbes, nitrogen, phosphate, potassium, sulphur, and trace elements known to bolster lawn growth. It enhances resistance to disease and pests by improving nutrient uptake and soil and lawn health. Unlike excessive nitrogen-based fertilisers, it encourages lateral growth, increasing the number of leaf blades and giving your lawn that lush, soft, and thicker texture.

The Wear Factor

Worry not about the wear and tear of high foot traffic; Lawn Blend brings balance to the equation. It provides the right nutrient blend to fortify cell strength, rendering your lawn more durable and resilient, even in high-traffic zones.

Where and When to Use Lawn Blend

From Seed: Apply Garden Mate and Lawn Blend one week before seeding for optimal seed germination. It also nurtures a robust root system and promotes thick, vigorous leaf growth.

Newly Laid Turf: Encourage deeper root growth to access more moisture and nutrients, reducing stress during the establishment phase. Boost your lawn's ability to brave adverse conditions and foot traffic while inviting earthworm activity and deterring lawn grubs.

Lawn Maintenance: Feed and condition established lawns while stimulating lateral growth. Reduced watering requirements keep your lawn fresh and healthy.

How Often to Use It

Apply a minimum of three times a year, with the flexibility to increase frequency if needed. Rest assured, Lawn Blend won't scorch your lawn.

Application Rate

Seed Lawns: Apply 50gm/m² (approximately half a handful).

Newly Laid Turf: A minimum of 100gm/m² (approximately one handful).

All Existing Lawn: A minimum of 100gm/m² (approximately one handful).

Problem Areas: A minimum of 150gm/m² (approximately 1-2 handfuls) or, as an alternative, aerate and apply Garden Mate first (minimum 300 gm/m²).

Other Information

  • Suitable for all turf varieties.
  • Contains a balanced blend of fertiliser, including a non-leachable natural phosphate, minerals, and trace elements essential for healthy lawn establishment and maintenance.
  • Regulates soil pH for garden equilibrium.
  • Consider using Earthlife Break Down to break down lawn thatch.
  • Reduces the need for labour-intensive aeration and dethatching.
  • Ideal for other garden areas.
  • Safe for Australian native plants.
  • For optimal results, combine with other Earthlife garden products, fostering a holistic garden environment.

Typical Specifications of Lawn Blend by Earthlife

  • Nitrogen: 4.0%
  • Phosphate: 3.0%
  • Potassium: 2.5%
  • Calcium: 11.3%
  • Magnesium: 2.0%
  • Silica: 18.5%
  • Sulphate: 5.5%
  • Iron: 1.8%
  • Plus 60 other micro nutrients