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Zoysia Australis | Tough Hardy Turf /m2

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Zoysia Australis Turf is a tough and hardy turf designed to thrive in diverse Australian conditions. This medium-textured zoysia grass boasts a captivating blue/green leaf, making it a visually appealing choice for Aussie families seeking a resilient, low-maintenance lawn. Zoysia Australis isn't just grass; it's a solution for Aussie families. With the ability to flourish in full sun to medium shade (with a minimum of 4 hours of direct sunlight daily or up to 70% shade), this turf is adaptable to a wide range of areas. It stands up to the challenges of family life and pets, excelling where other grasses may falter.

Traits that Set Zoysia Australis Apart

  • Shade Tolerance - Thrives in varying light conditions, making it an ideal choice for shaded areas.
  • Wear Tolerance and Recovery - With good wear tolerance and rapid recovery, Zoysia Australis is robust enough for the most active families and pets.
  • Soft Medium Leaf - Enjoy the comfort of a soft, medium-textured lawn underfoot.
  • Versatility - Adaptable to a range of conditions and climates, ensuring resilience in various environments.
  • Fast Establishment - Experience the speed of establishment, with Zoysia Australis reaching 95% establishment within the first 12 months.

Why Opt for Zoysia Australis Turf?

Homeowners across Australia are embracing Zoysia Australis because of it's many benefits such as:

  • Unmatched Resilience - It not only tolerates wear and recovers rapidly, making it perfect for active families and pets, but it also boasts excellent shade tolerance, ensuring a vibrant lawn even in shaded areas.
  • Mowing Freedom - Zoysia Australis can be cut at a variety of heights which offers flexibility, allowing mowing as low as 10mm or the option to leave it unmown.
  • Seasonal Beauty - Witness the magic of Zoysia Australis during dormancy, as it develops a stunning red hue, adding a touch of vibrancy to your landscape.

Ideal Turf for Queensland's Warm Climate

Zoysia Australis thrives in warmer climates, especially conditions experienced in Queensland. Its superior drought tolerance and resistance to heat make it the ideal turf solution for this climate. Say goodbye to the struggles of maintaining a lush lawn in the heat; Zoysia Australis embraces the warmth and stands strong.

Bred by the Best

Zoysia Australis comes from the renowned Dr. Brian Schwartz, the mastermind behind the highly successful TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda. Bred at the esteemed University of Georgia, Tifton Campus, this turf was selected for commercial release after rigorous trials, promising significant benefits and a distinctive edge over other turf varieties.

Independent Australian Trials

In a recent independent trial by the Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI) on 'Screening new Zoysia turfgrasses under Australian conditions,' Zoysia Australis (cultivar ZJ-19-017) outshone its peers. It achieved an impressive 95% establishment within the first 12 months, demonstrating its exceptional speed of establishment.

Zoysia Australis Specifications

  • VARIETY: Zoysia
  • BOTANICAL NAME: Zoysia Japonica
  • GROWTH HABIT: Perennial stoloniferous growth habit that also produces rhizomes. Dense, medium-course textured turf.
  • POSITION: Full sun to heavy shade (minimum 3 - 4 hours direct sunlight per day)
  • SOIL TYPE: Suitable for all types but free-draining soils are recommended.
  • LEAF TYPE: Medium - course / Average width 4 - 5mm /Average length 40 - 50mm / Mid dark green
  • OPTIMAL pH RANGE: 5.5 – 7.5
  • MOWING HEIGHT: 10mm – unmown
  • SEED PRODUCTION: Produces a seasonal single spike.
  • LOCATION: Supply available Australia-wide.
  • USES: Perfect for domestic, commercial and low-wear sports applications and areas of high shade. Variety is low maintenance and requires minimal nutrient and irrigation application once established. Suitable for most applications and can be left unmown for 12 months reaching a maximum leaf height of 60 – 80mm.
  • PLANT PROTECTION: 10-year Product Warranty Certificate and Certificate of Authenticity.

Please Note:

  • A minimum lay fee of $395 (inc GST) will apply for orders 25m2 – 158m2
  • Up to $0.80 (inc GST) per m2 extra may apply to lay jobs with stairs/ hills/ wheelbarrow etc
  • Turf layers will advise the office once on site and assess if extra fees apply
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • Delivery can be impacted by rainy weather as turf cannot be lifted when wet. 
  • For every 10m² of turf, order 1m³ of top soil. We do not provide underturf however, please give our friendly team a call and we will recommend someone to you.