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Ti-Tree Mulch - Ki-Carma

GST included

Bagged Ti-Tree Mulch by Ki-Carma for you garden is a premium organic product that provides numerous benefits for all types of plants, including natives. This by-product of Tea Tree Oil not only adds valuable organic material to your soil but also protects your plants from extreme hot and cold weather. Say goodbye to the hassle of constant watering and weed growth, as one application of Ki-Carma Ti-Tree Mulch lasts up to 12 months, in a convenient bag!

An efficient solution for your garden

Not only is Ki-Carma Ti-Tree Mulch an efficient solution for your garden, but it also has an attractive ‘forest floor’ appearance that will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space. Encouraging earthworms, this natural organic product will provide your plants with the essential nutrients they need to thrive.

Incorporating Ki-Carma Ti-Tree Mulch into your gardening routine is an easy and effective way to improve the health and vitality of your plants. Order now and experience the numerous benefits of Ki-Carma Ti-Tree Mulch.

Ti-Tree Mulch - Ki-Carma Specifications

  • Organic natural product
  • Enhance your garden with valuable organic material
  • Shield your plants from harsh weather conditions
  • Works for all plant varieties, including natives
  • Boosts earthworms!
  • Enhance your garden with an alluring 'forest floor' look while reducing watering and preventing weed growth
  • Lasts up to 12 months.