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Pro Trade Brickies Wheelbarrow 4.8" Wheel | Kelso

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The Kelso Pro Trade Brickies Barrow 100 Litre Steel Tray Wheelbarrow is the perfect tool for carrying loose bricks, tiles, pavers and mixed cement. The traditional steel brickies tray, 4.8" pneumatic wheel, hardwood timber handles, shock board, steel front support and heavy duty nose with lifting hook make it a reliable and sturdy choice for all your landscaping needs. The Kelso Pro Trade Brickies Barrow is fitted with a lifting hook for added convenience and ease of use. The pneumatic wheel ensures easy movement even on rough terrain. The hardwood timber handles provide a comfortable grip and are easy to hold. The powder coated steel front supports and legs add strength to key structural areas.

Key Features

  • Traditional brickie tray
  • Added strength in key structural areas
  • Powder coated steel front supports and legs
  • Hardwood timber handles
  • Pneumatic wheel for ease of movement
  • Fitted with lifting hook

Who is Kelso Tools?

Kelso Tools is a reliable and trustworthy Australian brand that has been providing top-tier professional offerings spanning wheelbarrows, cement mixers, hand trucks, and construction equipment since 1954. Kelso Tools understands the demands of the landscaping trade, and their products are engineered to meet and exceed those demands, delivering exceptional performance that you can rely on. With a rich history and a commitment to innovation, Kelso Tools stands as a leading name for wheelbarrows, cement mixers, hand trucks and construction equipment.

Brickie Wheelbarrow by Kelso Specifications

  • Capacity - 100 Litre
  • Tray - 1.2mm Drilled Folded Steel
  • Wheel - 4.80 / 4.00 x 8" Pneumatic Steel Rim
  • Handles - 1500 x 60 x 32mm Hardwood Timber
  • Legs - 32mm Welded Tubular Steel With Double Cross Brace
  • Extras - 25mm Tubular Front Support, Steel Shockboard, Wear Pads, Lifting Hook