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Palermo Sicilian Egg Pot - Rustic Patina

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Transform your garden with the Palermo Sicilian Egg Pot in enchanting Rustic Patina, part of Northcote Pottery's Palermo Collection, featuring an 'antique' finish for a timeless allure. Crafted from hard-fired terracotta, this Sicilian Egg Style Pot adds a rustic touch to any outdoor space, creating a stunning focal point reminiscent of a bygone era.

Classic Egg Style Terracotta Pot

The Palermo Sicilian Egg Pot offers a rustic touch with its 'antique' finish, evoking timeless beauty in your garden. Crafted from hard-fired terracotta, this Sicilian Egg Style Pot seamlessly combines the charm of antique clay pots with modern durability.

Versatile Accent for Garden Styles

Ideal for Mediterranean, tropical, or arid-style gardens, the Palermo Collection, including this Sicilian Egg Pot, becomes a captivating feature. Its unique design and Rustic Patina appearance add character to any outdoor setting, making it a versatile accent for various garden styles.

Hard-Fired Terracotta Clay Pot

Crafted with care from hard-fired terracotta, the Palermo Sicilian Egg Pot showcases quality craftsmanship, ensuring longevity and a timeless appeal. Featuring a drainage hole, this terracotta pot ensures proper water drainage, promoting optimal plant health. With five available sizes (Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large), this Sicilian Egg Pot offers versatility to suit different spaces in your garden.

Palermo Sicilian Egg Pot by Northcote Pottery Specifications

  • Drainage Holes
  • Weather Resistant
  • Extra Small: W 23cm x L 23cm x H 21cm - 3.5kg - Capacity Est: 9L
  • Small: W 30cm x L 30cm x H 27cm - 4.5kg - Capacity Est: 20L
  • Medium: W 38cm x L 38cm x H 32cm - 9kg - Capacity Est: 37L
  • Large: W 45cm x L 45cm x H 41cm - 15.5kg - Capacity Est: 65L
  • Extra Large: W 56cm x L 56cm x H 47cm - 26.5kg - Capacity Est: 113L