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Palermo Sicilian Belly Pot - Rustic Patina

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Elevate your garden with the Palermo Sicilian Belly Pot in captivating Rustic Patina – a masterpiece crafted from hard-fired terracotta, embodying the timeless charm of clay pots in a distinctive Sicilian belly style.

Classic Terracotta Pot with Rustic Patina

The Palermo Sicilian Belly Pot, with its rustic patina appearance, adds a touch of sophistication to your outdoor space. Made from hard-fired terracotta, this unique clay potting pot seamlessly blends practicality with the allure of garden pots clay, creating a visual masterpiece that stands out.

Practical Design for Healthy Plants

Equipped with a drainage hole, this terracotta pot ensures optimal plant health, a crucial feature in large terracotta pots like the Palermo Sicilian Belly. Whether placed on a cozy balcony or a spacious garden, this clay potting pot enhances the aesthetic while prioritizing the well-being of your plants.

Save with a Set of 4

Bring your yard to life - whether it's one pot or a whole potpourri! This rustic patina Palermo pot comes in sizes that let you express yourself and your creativity. Put together a garden story that makes a big splash in any outdoor space!

Hard-Fired Terracotta Pot

Crafted from hard-fired terracotta, the Palermo Sicilian Belly Pot is a testament to quality craftsmanship. These terracotta pots ensure durability and make a bold statement in your garden.y.

Palermo Sicilian Belly Pot by Northcote Pottery Specifications

  • Drainage Holes
  • Weather Resistant
  • Small: W 22cm x L 22cm x H 20cm - 2kg - Capacity Est: 8L
  • Medium: W 31cm x L 31cm x H 29cm - 6kg - Capacity Est: 22L
  • Large: W 39cm x L 39cm x H 35cm - 13kg - Capacity Est: 42L
  • Extra Large: W 48cm x L 48cm x H 46cm - 23kg - Capacity Est: 83L