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Natural Gypsum Clay Breaker 25kg | QLD Organics

GST included

If you have clay soil that is difficult to cultivate, Natural Gypsum 25kg is the ideal solution for economically providing essential calcium and sulphur. This premium-grade product is mined in Australia and uses a natural chemical reaction to separate clay particles without changing the pH of the soil.

Premium Grade Clay Breaker

Certified by ACO, Australia's leading organic certification body, Qld Organics Natural Gypsum ensures the highest standards for organic agriculture. With a controlled moisture content of 2-3% and meticulously screened to less than 3mm, this gypsum flows freely through spreaders, facilitating seamless application across landscaping projects. 

The slow release of nutrients embedded in this natural gypsum feeds plants over an extended period. It increases earthworm activity, contributes to soil structure improvement, and enhances water retention and aeration, crucial factors in landscaping success.

It has boosted micro-organisms and beneficial bacteria, enriching the soil environment and promoting overall landscape health. With a pH-neutral composition, Qld Organics Natural Gypsum ensures that plants thrive without the risk of burns or damage.

Why use Natural Gypsum?

  • Slow Release of Nutrients: Experience a gradual release of nutrients that nourish plants over an extended period, promoting sustained growth.
  • Increased Earthworm Activity: Foster a healthy soil ecosystem with heightened earthworm activity, contributing to soil structure improvement.
  • Improved Water Retention and Aeration: Enhance both water retention and aeration in the soil, creating an optimal environment for plant development.
  • Boosted Micro-organisms and Beneficial Bacteria: Promote the proliferation of beneficial micro-organisms and bacteria, further enriching the soil.
  • No Burnt or Damaged Plants: With a pH-neutral composition, Qld Organics Natural Gypsum ensures plant health without causing harm or damage.

How to Use Natural Gypsum:

Apply approximately 200-500 grams per square meter (2-5 tonnes per hectare) for optimal results. Ensure proper storage under cover and away from moisture to maintain product integrity.

Natural Gypsum Clay Breaker 25kg by QLD Organics Specifications

  • 25kg
  • Screened through 3mm
  • 100% Natural
  • Sourced in Australia
  • Controlled Moisture Content
  • Non-Radioactive
  • ACO Certified
  • Easy to Apply
  • Calcium (Ca) 20 %
  • Sulfur (S) 16 %
  • Cadmium (Cd) 0.0001%
  • Moisture 2-3 %