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Mortar - OneMix

GST included

Approx. 96 x 20kg bags = 1m3

Weatherproof Packaging

  • Safe for year-round (unopened) outdoor use
  • seals off the product from escaping and the dust from accumulating
  • Resistance to tearing and shock has been increased, which helps cut down on waste.

The smooth, practical nature of OneMix Mortar makes it ideal for any block or brick job. Adding water to our OneMix Mortar creates a ready-to-use mix that flows easily over brick edges and can be shaped to your design; any leftover mortar can be scraped off with a trowel and reused.

Mortar - OneMix Specifications

  • Offers a fluid texture that is simple to apply
  • A malleable, design-adaptive formula
  • Less messes to clean up and fewer resources wasted
  • Produced with a reliable cement and sand mixture
  • 20-kg bag may lay ~25 bricks with a 10-millimeter joint.