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Hidden Valley Cow Manure - Ki-Carma

GST included

Hidden Valley Bagged Cow Manure by Ki-Carma is a high-quality cow manure that will work wonders for your garden. It is pure, composted, and weed-free, and acts as a natural fertiliser and soil conditioner that contains helpful bacteria to stimulate the soil and enhance its structure and ecology in a convenient bag.

The Benefits of Hidden Valley Cow Manure

Hidden Valley Cow Manure is an effective way to improve plant growth, soil health, and nutrient retention. Cow dung is simple to use; it is most effective when lightly stirred into the soil prior to planting or spread over the soil as mulch. It is ideal for flower beds, vegetable plots, fruit trees, bushes, and ornamental plants.

Ki-Carma is dedicated to selling only the most reliable and environmentally friendly products. You can trust that you are purchasing a sustainable and ethical product from us because the cow dung we use is sourced from local farms that employ such methods.

Hidden Valley Cow Manure - Ki-Carma Specifications

  • Boost your garden's health with natural fertiliser and soil conditioner.
  • Experience pure, weed-free compost.
  • Boost your soil's health with beneficial microbes!
  • Enhances soil structure and ecology.
  • Perfect for your garden needs: lawns, trees, shrubs, veggies, and ornamentals.