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Garden Soil - Ki-Carma

GST included

Garden Soil Bagged by Ki-Carma is a simple solution to speed up plant development. Whether you want to grow veggies, flowers, herbs, roses, shrubs, or trees, our high-quality product has you covered in a convenient bag.

The special blend of nutrient-dense compost and sandy loam that will help your plants flourish. Without resorting to potentially dangerous synthetic chemicals, our solution promotes robust plant growth thanks to its incorporation of natural fertilisers. Additionally, our garden soil promotes soil creatures like earthworms, making your plants healthier and more fertile.

Flexible and Simple to Employ

Can be used straight from the bag, making it convenient for use in flower beds and vegetable gardens. Additionally, it can be used to bulk up potting mix, giving your potted plants the extra nutrition they need to thrive. Ki-Carma Garden Soil is an excellent addition to any gardener's arsenal due to its adaptability and convenience.

Garden Soil - Ki-Carma Specifications

  • Transform your garden with the perfect blend of nutrient-rich compost and sandy loam.
  • Natural fertilisers for a healthier garden.
  • Suitable for vegetables; flowers; herbs; roses; shrubs & tree planting
  • Boost your soil health with earthworms!