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Bushstone Block | Stone Edging - Edenstone

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Elevate your garden's aesthetics and functionality with the Bushstone Block by Edenstone. Whether you're a professional landscaper or a passionate DIY enthusiast, this versatile stone garden edging product, available in two stunning colours - Charcoal and Sandstone, is designed to transform your outdoor space.

Discover the Beauty of Bushstone Block

Bushstone Block is more than just garden edging; it's a statement piece that adds rustic charm to your landscape. These blocks are meticulously cast from natural stone pieces, ensuring an authentic appearance that seamlessly blends with your garden's natural elements. Bushstone Block boasts a concrete surface that's easy to maintain, ensuring your garden's edge remains pristine with minimal effort.

Bushstone Block by Edenstone Specifications:

  • Size: 500 x 100 x 100mm
  • Material: Concrete cast
  • Colour Options: Charcoal, Sandstone