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Organic Booster 25kg Pellets | QLD Organics

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Organic Booster 25kg Pellets enhances your landscape's vitality with a revolutionary pellet product brought to you by QLD Organics. Unlike ordinary chicken manure, Organic Booster stands out as a beacon of innovation through its unique aerobically composted formula. Their meticulous process involves rigorous aeration, ensuring the optimal balance of oxygen to transform it into convenient, nutrient-rich pellets.

A Formula Designed for Success

Our Organic Booster pellets are meticulously crafted to achieve exceptional outcomes. After processing, they undergo gentle drying to foster enhanced micro-organism support, nurturing your soil's health. The uniform pellet size ensures effortless spreadability using fertiliser spreaders, simplifying the application process. Careful sieving minimizes dust, facilitating a clean and efficient application, leaving your landscape thriving. Moreover, these pellets bear the prestigious certification from the Biological Farmers of Australia, the nation's foremost organic certification authority.

Unlock Nature's Potential Across Your Landscape

Organic Booster showcases its prowess across a diverse range of applications. Its benefits encompass:

  • Transforming lawns into lush spaces that evoke admiration
  • Nurturing thriving shrubs, trees, and vines
  • Fueling the growth of abundant vegetables and ornamentals
  • Strengthening palms, allowing them to sway gracefully in the breeze
  • Bringing forth flourishing peanuts that never fail to delight.

Directions for use are straightforward: Disperse 100 - 200 grams per square metre (1-2 tonnes per hectare), tailored to your soil's needs, water in well. When paired with synthetic fertilisers they recommend rates of 350kg – 400kg per hectare. Achieve robust plant health while reducing fertiliser expenses – a win-win situation for both you and your landscape.

Organic Booster 25kg Pellets by QLD Organics Specifications

  • 25kg
  • Pellet format
  • Easy to apply
  • Pathogen free
  • Low dust and low in moisture
  • Nutrient release over months, sustaining plant growth
  • Increased earthworm activity, boosting soil vitality
  • Enhanced water retention and aeration for vibrant roots
  • Amplified micro-organism and beneficial bacteria presence
  • Shielded plants from burns or damage