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Europave | Interlocking Paver - Edenstone

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Stylish Interlocking Pavers

Europave Pavers boast a distinctive interlocking design that sets them apart in the world of landscape aesthetics. With a 6-sided structure featuring sides of varying lengths, these pavers create a visually intriguing and uneven pattern. This unique design not only adds an artistic flair to your outdoor spaces but also ensures that each installation is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Whether you're a professional landscaper looking to make a statement or a DIY enthusiast seeking to elevate your outdoor design, Europave's interlocking pattern provides endless creative possibilities.

Durable Wet Cast Concrete Material

Crafted from high-quality wet-cast concrete, Europave Pavers prioritize strength and longevity. This material not only ensures the pavers can withstand the rigours of everyday use but also makes them remarkably easy to clean and maintain.

The robust composition of wet-cast concrete guarantees a durable foundation for your outdoor spaces, offering a reliable solution that stands the test of time. With Europave, you can enjoy the beauty of your paved areas without the hassle of extensive maintenance.

Versatile Outdoor Applications

Europave Pavers are the ideal choice for a wide range of outdoor spaces. Whether you're enhancing the area around your pool, designing a captivating driveway, or creating an inviting patio, Europave's versatility shines through.

The pavers seamlessly blend durability with sophistication, making them perfect for areas that demand both strength and aesthetic appeal. Transform your outdoor spaces into stylish retreats with Europave Pavers, elevating the charm and functionality of your poolside, driveway, and patio areas.

Europave by Edenstone Specifications:

  • Dimensions: Approximately 400x295mm
  • Weight: 6.3 kg
  • Qty per m2: 14 (13.5)
  • Qty per pallet: 210
  • Material: Wet Cast Concrete