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Galvanised Steel H Beam Posts 150mm (150UC23) - AusLS Steel

$180.00 $200.00
GST included

Galvanised Steel H Beam Posts 150mm (150UC23) - AusLS Steel is sold in lengths of 3200mm, 3600mm, 4000mm, 4400mm, 4800mm, 5200mm, please select desired Length:

Galvanised Joiner Beam Steel H Post Beam 150mm 150UC23 by AusLS Steel are hot dipped galvanised for increased durability and also feature pre-drilled holes for an easy installation with AusLS Steel Fence Brackets.

Where to Use H Posts / Beam?

H posts are used to form a straight line of your retaining wall setup. These are to be combined with other steel posts styles such as:

  • C Posts - used at the start, end and corners
  • Corner Posts - used to create angles
  • Also available in 100mm width

Galvanised Joiner Beam Steel Beam Posts by AusLS Steel Specifications

  • Weight:
    • 150mm | 23.4 kg/m
  • Hot dipped galvanised
  • Durable
  • Engineered
  • Made to Australian standards